Welcome to Well Read.

I’m Anna Bonet, a Welsh-born London-based journalist whose all time favourite thing to do is recommend great books. So I created a newsletter to do just that.

Whether unearthing older, little-known gems or rounding up the buzzy, upcoming must-reads, this newsletter gives you the lowdown on what to read next.

What can I expect?

Two emails a month, both of which will arrive in your inbox on Sunday mornings. Inside there will be 3-5 bitesize book recommendations.

  • The first email will be my pick of the best books that are new that month. (As a magazine journalist, I have the good luck of being able to read upcoming books in advance - it’s a real joy.)

  • The second, which will arrive two weeks later, will be on a theme. It could be three short novels to get you out of a reading rut, four deliciously twisty thrillers, or five books about friendship that I love, and think you will too.

Why subscribe?

I’ll be honest with you: I have a fairly short attention span, so I’m writing the newsletter I’d actually open and read myself.

That means I’ll never overload you with too many recommendations, nor with lengthy, rambling text. I promise each one is a concise, easily-digestible email about a few genuinely brilliant books.

If that sounds appealing, Well Read is the newsletter for you. Sign up below!